Traveling for Work as a New Mama ✈️

Two weeks ago I traveled for the first time for work in a LONG time. I have traveled a lot for work over the years and I don’t mind it too much… but this time was different. I spent nights without my baby for the first time! I was gone for approximately 65 hours. ThisContinue reading “Traveling for Work as a New Mama ✈️”

Sunday Mornings

That moment when you realize you didn’t submit your post from weeks ago 🤦🏻‍♀️! I have always been one to wake up in the morning and want to get stuff done until recently. Well probably until I was pregnant at least. I enjoyed sleeping in the lazy Sundays rolling out of bed and grabbing brunch.Continue reading “Sunday Mornings”

Lincoln’s First Halloween

This year for Halloween I didn’t quite know what I wanted to dress Lincoln as seeing as it was his first Halloween. I was hoping to do something cute… you know…. the quintessential adorable baby Halloween costume. I saw an avocado which was super adorable but I couldn’t find it in anything less than sixContinue reading “Lincoln’s First Halloween”

Matching Outfits

Whenever I imagined having kids, I always imagined having boys. Before I knew what Lincoln was I was hoping for a boy too, until one day around Christmas. I was out shopping with my Mom and we saw the cutest little girl outfits. At that moment I imagined all the ‘Mommy and Me’ outfits thatContinue reading “Matching Outfits”

Morning Meltdown 100

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” – Marie Forleo On September 23, 2019 – which is exactly 100 days from 2020 (sorry to be a buzzkill) I committed to 100 workouts through my online fitness program. I am now 21 days through my workouts so IContinue reading “Morning Meltdown 100”

Postpartum Fitness Journey

After Lincoln was born I was eager to get back to working out. I felt ‘normal’ pretty quickly after birth and by my second week postpartum I felt ready to jump back in. I think partially this was due to my fitness routine before giving birth. Although it was quite a bit less than myContinue reading “Postpartum Fitness Journey”