Lincoln’s First Halloween

This year for Halloween I didn’t quite know what I wanted to dress Lincoln as seeing as it was his first Halloween. I was hoping to do something cute… you know…. the quintessential adorable baby Halloween costume. I saw an avocado which was super adorable but I couldn’t find it in anything less than six months and Lincolns a little too tiny so that wasn’t going to work.

I ended up ordering a lion costume from Carter’s really just due to having to spend a certain amount to get extra shipping. I suggested that Rich be the scarecrow, I would be Dorothy and Lincoln can be the cowardly lion. What a cute family costume right? I thought the lion costume was going to be it, but then until my husband Rich had a better idea. I’m am not sure if he was really into his idea or if it was just a ploy Rich in the interest of saving money so that we wouldn’t have to buy more costumes. Either way, I took his idea and I ran with it.

Rich suggested recycling our costumes from 2015 when he was Marty McFly and I was Jennifer Parker. He suggested Lincoln should be Doc Brown. I LOVED the idea.

Fun fact: When I was pregnant we used the name Baby Doc (after Doc Brown) to refer to our baby, we didn’t use his name when he was in utero.

I love DIY costumes and I always have so I made sure I got the materials to make Lincolns costume. I just knew it would be epic. I spent about two weeks trying to get it just right but I have to say… I nailed it.

I bought a white jumpsuit from Old Navy which was perfectly crafted to match Doc Browns jumpsuit and even had a pocket. I bought a white mad scientist wig from Amazon and a white hat to help keep the wig on Lincoln’s head. I bought orange duct tape to help make the costume and I knew he had a Hawaiian shirt already in his closet from hand-me-downs. Lastly I bought science / steampunk goggles which were an essential addition to the costume.

The week before Halloween came and I decided to start making his costume. Friday was a family costume contest at his daycare and I was bound to win.

To make the wig fit Lincoln’s head I cut the wig and hot glued it to the baby hat. This was suprisingly not too difficult, but the dang wig is going to haunt me. It’s just like when you find pine needles in your house for 10 months after Christmas, I swear these white hairs seem to multiply all over my floors. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Crafting Lincoln’s wig!
The wig fit!

The day before the daycare Halloween party his white jumpsuit onsie FINALLy came in, and for over an hour I googled every detail of the outfit and put it together. I added the orange accents and created the details for the pocket. Since Lincoln is just a baby I worried about him getting one of the pen caps and choking so I took precautions by rubberbanding them together and shoved them in the pocket. It made it very hard to get them out, which means for Lincoln it was probably impossible. (I will add he is only 4 months old and couldn’t even touch/ grab it when it was on but I would always rather be safe than sorry.)

Finished product!

Once the costume was ready, I could not wait to put it on Lincoln the next day. He is definitely going to be the coolest baby!

Marty McFly and Doc Brown!

Our costume was amazing! I was so happy with how it turned out, and not to brag or anything but we won best family costume at his s daycare!

Luckily we were headed to a local Halloween festival the next day and got to wear our costumes one more time and of course show off Lincoln!

Family Halloween Costume!

Great Scott

Doc Brown

I would love to hear from some of you. Are you into family costumes? Do you like to DIY costumes or purchase costumes? What was your favorite Halloween costume?

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