Matching Outfits

Stripes for days!

Whenever I imagined having kids, I always imagined having boys. Before I knew what Lincoln was I was hoping for a boy too, until one day around Christmas. I was out shopping with my Mom and we saw the cutest little girl outfits. At that moment I imagined all the ‘Mommy and Me’ outfits that we could wear and I was excited.

Fast forward one week, and on December 30, Rich and I got the call. “Would you like to know the gender of your baby?” My heart was being out of my chest and when I put us on speaker phone and said yes, she said “you are having a boy!” At that moment I was just so excited but as months went on the thought of not being able to have ‘Mommy and Me’ outfits made me a little sad.

Well Rich and I were fortunate enough to get hand-me-downs from our sisters as well as a close friend. As I was unpacking the hand-me-down clothes I had a revelation, I knew I could still have matching ‘Mommy and Me’ outfits with my son. One of the shirts we got was a button up with anchors on it and it was so cute. I was immediately stoked because a maternity shirt I bought that was also breastfeeding friendly had anchors – I knew we could be twinsies.

Even though I am sure Lincoln and I will have many more intentional matching outfits I am also excited for Lincoln and Rich to having matching outfits too. I already have bathing suits picked out. 🙂 It is for sure the best of both worlds!

So far, Lincoln and I have had 3 matching outfits and the latest is matching pajamas. When I saw that Carters sells adult pajamas to match the kids pajamas I just HAD to have them. We will surely be wearing these every other night for the next month :-).

Matching Halloween Pajamas

Do you ever dress a like with your little one? How about your husband with your son?

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