Bad at Blogging!

So keeping it real over here…. so far I suck at this blog thing. Just realized I never posted a post I made from a few weeks ago, and then also realized it has been a few weeks since I even wrote a post.

All my time is spent snuggling with my peanut!

A lot has happened over the past few weeks, and one exciting thing for me is someone reached out to me about my traveling with a baby tips! I not only shared tips and advice but I gave her copies of my itineraries. Her response was so exciting… she said….

Really that just means one thing, I should finish my traveling with a baby tips and get those posted!

XoXo Steph

One thought on “Bad at Blogging!

  1. You work full time, you are a full time Mom, you are a full time wife, and I am sure I have left out a few job descriptions

    You never have to apologize for not posting! The picture was worth the wait!

    Hilary Sent from my iPad


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