Baby Passport

With approximately 6 weeks to our trip, we needed to get our son (who was 6 weeks at the time) a passport. I went to a CVS Pharmacy who advertises passport photos and I got the best advice I could get.

“Take the picture yourself” he said. “Put your baby on a white background, a sheet or towel, and take the picture on your phone. After bring it back and we will format it for the passport photo.”

I have to say I was hesitant, but I knew Lincolns eyes needed to be open and I read that both his ears needing to be showing. I read websites that told me to prop my baby up with pillows and drape a white sheet over the top, then take the photos. This was not very successful for me.

Lincoln loves his bouncer, so what I decided to do is put a white pillowcase behind his head in the bouncer and take a photo. 100 photos later I was sure I had at least a good one.

I ended up going to Walgreens (another Pharmacy who does Passport Photos) and they worked their magic. I uploaded the photo right from my phone and selected passport. The photo technician then used photo tools to make the white background stark white and printed the photo (see left). It was SO much easier than the horror stories I read with parents and their crying baby spending an hour plus trying to get a photo in the store by laying the baby on a poster board.

Remember for children (under the age of 16), both parents need to be present to submit a passport application. There are also no renewals for children. A new application needs to be filed for a new passport and the passport only has a 5 year expiration, unlike adult passports with 10 year expirations. We obtained an application from our local post office and booked an appointment. Here is the link we used to find a Post Office Passport Center.

We decided to expedite Lincoln’s passport since we had just about 5.5 weeks until our trip and standard processing is 6-8 weeks. We paid our $175, signed our application and went on with our day. Now it was just a waiting game. Of course his passport came in the mail one week later. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lincoln got his first passport!

Keep following for information on our itinerary planning. I will share our itinerary and highlights from our vacation as well as all our tips on #travelingwithbaby. Follow me on Instagram @FoodFitFunMom for additional posts, highlights and tips.

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