Morning Thoughts for Lincoln!

Note: I wrote this on September 25th but forgot to publish it!

As I sit here this morning feeding Lincoln I am reflecting on so much.

How have you been here for 3 months already? As cliche as it sounds time is going by wayyyy too fast.

9 Days before Lincoln arrived

After our feed I will get you ready to bring you to daycare, it’s only Day 3. Day 1 went surprisingly well. Daycare provided us with lots of updates welcomed you with open arms and despite being home I felt comfortable with you being there.

June 18, 2019 ❤️

Day two is a different story. I was getting ready to bring you we were hanging out in the kitchen getting the bottle ready and it just wasn’t in my heart I didn’t want to bring you. I had the mom guilt of why am I going to let someone else take care of Lincoln all day when I can be here. Well truth is I can’t because I’m working but physically I can be there.

Such a little peanut!

I started singing You’re gunna miss this, so I decided to play the song by Trace Atkins. ☹️cue the tears. I already miss this. I was just thinking yesterday about how Lincoln was so tiny when I was feeding him and now he is growing up and getting bigger.

3 days left vs. 6 weeks right

Motherhood is hard, unpredictable, emotional but amazing. I wouldn’t change this for the world!

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