Postpartum Fitness Journey

June 14th post CrossFit2St Bootcamp Class

After Lincoln was born I was eager to get back to working out. I felt ‘normal’ pretty quickly after birth and by my second week postpartum I felt ready to jump back in.

I think partially this was due to my fitness routine before giving birth. Although it was quite a bit less than my non-pregnant routine I was still doing my Crossfit Bootcamp at Crossfit2St once a week and trying to do two total workouts a week.

I ran a half marathon at 25 weeks and a 10 miler at 26 weeks! I was able to run until about 32 weeks when my feet just felt too heavy to go very long and decided the only running I would do is 1/4 mile laps as part of bootcamp.

The LoveRun Half Marathon with Richard at 25 weeks!
Cherry Blossom 10 miler at 26 weeks!

I listened to advice and waited 6 weeks before I started working out.

Well actually it was 6 weeks and 2 days. On August 1st I jumped backed into fitness by starting with some BeachBody on demand workouts. I did this for about 2 weeks before heading back to Crossfit2St. I got a few short runs in and worked up to 3 miles over the course of 5 runs and 3 weeks.

First postpartum workout!

I figured once I started working out the weight would shed. Well it didn’t. I was only down about 5lbs lower than my initial 20lb drop postpartum. As September was starting and we were gearing up for vacation I started to look into fitness options to plan my postpartum journey towards strength and rejuvenation of my fitness level.

I decided I wanted to try Morning Meltdown 100 using my BeachBody on demand. I bought the Challenge pack back in August and I was feeling less overwhelmed and ready to commit. I calculated the days until New Years and decided I would start on Monday September 23rd, 100 days until 2020. This also happened to be one week after returning from our vacation. Perfect timing!

Luckily I have a coach who was hosting a free accountability group starting September 23rd. I decided to join and now I am 20 days in and loving it!

Stay tuned for a review (so far) of MM100 and some recipes and meal prep I have done so far.

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